There are 2 ways we can help businesses lower insurance premiums.  First, we have loads of free advice on how to lower insurance premiums in Video and Document form.

Secondly, we have researched the insurance marketplace in California to find the lowest possible rates for many industries.  In our experience, no one really knows what the “low water mark” is for insurance rates.  Now, for the first time ever, you can know what the lowest possible rates are for your industry and how your company’s rates measure up. 

Our Market Research Reports also identify most if not all of the insurance companies that are actively writing insurance for your industry.   Most businesses are told there are only 3 or so insurers interested in their business.  In our experience, there are nearly always a dozen or more very active insurers for any business, and often 20 or more insurers that will quote if given the chance.  Market Research Reports will tell you if important insurance companies are failing to quote for your company.

People working for Insurance Dragon have decades of experience in the the business insurance industry. Over the past 10 years, working as consultants, we have learned many things that can help clients lower their premium.

Below is a list of several free Documents that can help businesses assist their brokers in lowering insurance premium.  Several of the sections also include brief Videos, which highlight the main points of the Document that corresponds to each video.

Over time, we hope to continuously expand the Advice portion of the website to assist clients and brokers in realizing lower premium.

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Subjectivity of Pricing

Conflicts of Interest

Bad Broker Behavior

Premium Negotiation Tips

"Sharing of Numbers" (Don't)

The Quote Process

Sampe Submission - Manufacturer

Workers Compensation

     Premium Reduction Ideas - Workers Compensation

     WC Claim Arguments

     WC Risk Arguments

PEO's (Professional Employer Organization)

Health Insurance

Claims - How To File

Broker Selection Guide