Why should I trust the Insurance Dragon?

The Insurance Dragon was formed in an effort to help people find the lowest possible insurance pricing, wherever that might be. We are not limited to any particular insurance companies. We are free to look out for your interests exclusively and that is our mission. Simply Honest.

What is the experience of the people working at Insurance Dragon?

The people that work with the Insurance Dragon have decades of experience working in management positions with workers compensation insurance companies, working as underwriters with property and casualty insurance companies, and working with large, well-regarded insurance brokerage firms.  In addition, for the past 10 years we have been working strictly as consultants to businesses, showing them how to lower their cost of insurance. During the last 10 years, we have not sold insurance. Neither have we acted as brokers or insurance agents. Instead, we have instructed larger businesses how to navigate the insurance world in order to realize the lowest pricing possible.

What if I want more advice than is available in a video?

Nearly every piece of video advice is connected to a more detailed document outlining written advice on the same topic. If after reading this document you still have questions, please call us and we will help you with your particular issues.

What types of insurance can you help me with?

Currently, we offer advice to businesses about how to purchase insurance for workers compensation, automobile exposures, property, general liability and other types of property and casualty insurance. For individuals, we offer advice on how to purchase insurance for the home, for personal automobile coverage, and for earthquake insurance for the home.

Soon, we will expand the Insurance Dragon website to include advice on how to properly purchase low-cost life insurance and health insurance. We plan to continuously expand the website, so that in the future nearly every type of insurance will be addressed.

The Market Research Reports show pricing that is much lower than I'm currently paying. How can I realize the low rates indicated in the Market Research report for my industry?

Because insurance for businesses is priced in a manner that is very subjective, the price that one broker can deliver can be dramatically different than the price another broker can deliver from the same insurance company. It is important that you work with the right broker in order to obtain the lowest possible pricing. If you wish, we can introduce you to a broker that can deliver the low rates indicated in the Market Research Report.

Do you Sell Insurance?

Insurance Dragon does not sell insurance. Instead, we show businesses, individuals, and brokers how to lower the cost of insurance when buying insurance.

Occasionally, people contact us and ask us to refer them to a broker.   We take pride in connecting businesses and individuals with great brokers who can obtain insurance at the lowest cost possible. This is something we've been doing for over a decade, and over time we have come to identify terrific brokers that can deliver the lowest pricing possible for virtually any type of insurance.