Insurance Dragon actively looks to work with brokers and other experts that can expand our services to all sorts of clients and customers.  For the brokers that work with us, there is the possibility of obtaining new clients.

While we do not sell insurance, we are often approached by clients asking us for recommendations as to brokers that can help the client. We believe one of the services we provide is to help clients find superior brokers with expertise in that client’s  industry. In fact, we take pride in providing the service.

There are a couple of ways that brokers can take advantage of the Insurance Dragon to promote themselves. These opportunities take very little time on the part of the broker.

Opportunity #1:

Brokers have the choice of providing written advice for clients that can help those clients lower their cost of insurance. If a broker provides us with written advice that we deem to be valuable in terms of helping clients lower their cost of insurance, we will post this advice on the website, and give the broker attribution for the advice in the document posted on Insurance Dragon. (Please see details below.) 

All over the country, clients and customers are looking for objective advice for all nature of products and services. We believe our continued expansion of the Insurance Dragon website will establish the Insurance Dragon as the first place to go when someone is wondering about how to properly buy insurance.


Opportunity #2:

We are always looking for brokers who have expertise in the industries for which we are providing Market Research Reports. We can never promise to any broker a guarantee of future business.  However, we are always looking for brokers that have superior expertise in an industry, and if those brokers also have a superior ability to help clients lower their cost of insurance, they are likely to be considered for referral business when clients ask us for referrals.

Again, the amount of time required for brokers to participate in contributing to the Insurance Dragon website is quite small. For Opportunity #1 above, the amount of time a broker would contribute depends on the subject the broker is addressing, the broker's expertise in this issue, and the broker's willingness to address the issue in detail. However, we expect that most issues will take no more than 30 to 60 min. for to address, and for this small amount of time, the broker may receive a referral to a new account, or even direct contact from a business needing help. We believe the trade-off for the opportunity to be quite advantageous for any broker.  (You may have similar Client Advice already prepared in your current service or marketing materials.)